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Click on the sign up link on the Home Page and follow the steps. You will create your company, add facilities, create authorized users and order locks.

This depends on your facility. Some facilities have lower delinquency rates than others… If you have a 300 unit facility and typically 20% of our rent roll goes late, then we would recommend buying 65 locks.

They are combination locks that are designed to withstand bolt cutters. We are trying different locks currently including a standard combo disc lock as well as the Masterlock Excell lock. We look forward to your feedback as we dial in the best solution for you and our other customers!

DaVinci Lock engraves each lock with a unique serial code. The lock is engraved with a commercial grade metal engraving machine that can cut into the hardened steel of the lock. The engraved serial code is designed to withstand the elements and years of use. No two locks will have the same serial code.

You will receive the locks within 7 to 10 business days of signing up for the service. You can order more locks at any time.

We recommend installing a drop box for the renters to drop the locks into on their way out. We recommend ordering a hang tag which is attached to the lock by a pull-tie when the overlock is applied. The hang tag provides strict instructions to the renter as to what to do with the overlock.

The DaVinci Lock software is accessible through any web browser- whether that is on a computer, tablet or smart phone. An authorized user just needs their email address and password to access the software. Mobile versions of the software can be found here.

Yes, once you sign up you will create authorized users. As the admin for your company you will be able to add and remove users at any time at zero cost.

It is possible that a renter could encounter the same lock twice. However, on a 300-unit facility with 65 DaVinci locks, they would have less than a 2% chance of getting the same lock twice in a row. You are also able to change the combination on the locks both physically and in the DaVinci Lock system when a lock is not assigned.

With some property management software systems DaVinci Lock has a higher level of integration. In this instance, a renter would be able to go to, input the facility they are renting at along with some identifying information, pay any overdue charges if necessary, type in the serial code on the lock and immediately receive the unlock code all without needing to interact with another person.

We are hard at work getting call centers integrated with our software. They can access your information through our API. You will need to create an API key and give them information found in your API Settings page. Documentation can be found here.

Supported facility management software are currently:

  • storEDGE
  • SiteLink
  • Easy Storage Solutions
In addition, we support OpenTech's INSOMNIAC™ CIA gate access system.